January 25, 2018

Post-Treatment Care after Dermapen


Recently had a treatment?

After Dermapen treatment, it’s important to take great care of your skin to maximize results and improve healing.

Vitamin A and C are essential for collagen production and sun damage reversal. It is impossible to achieve high concentrations of vitamin C in the skin by taking tablets orally. Therefore it is recommended to use skin care products at home that contain high concentrations of these vitamins to enhance your results.

Smokers should be aware that smoking compromises the body’s ability to grow new collagen.

Pure mineral makeup can be worn after 2-3 days, however it is recommended to keep the skin moist to assist with healing. It is important to protect your new skin from the sun by applying a broad spectrum SPF 15+ sunscreen daily.

Results accrue gradually because collagen production takes time. Most clients notice an improvement in their skin tone and texture within 6-8 weeks of each treatment.

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