November 16, 2018

Telehealth – Providing Consults to Patients & Saving costs for Emergency Services


Emergency services across Australia are finding alternative services to assist with those presentations calling through 000 that are deemed, following triage ‘low acuity’ and therefore do not necessarily require an Ambulance truck, 2 paramedics and an emergency hospital. Telehealth through Phenix Health was piloted some 2-3 years ago and has found its way into regular Ambulance services. Alongside home care doctors and nurses, Telehealth GPs and Emergency physicians play a significant role in assisting patients through virtual calls in under an hour and where the patients location would have caused lengthy delays for care to arrive.

Phenix Health technology and system has designed a live sheet reporting function that allows for Emergency services to know exactly when that patient has been consulted and the treatment plan by the doctor. This heat map has also been adapted into regional areas to track incidence of particular health presentations. The whole process has saved $1,000 on each Telehealth consult and allowed Emergency vehicles and paramedics to care for those urgent cases. A win for patients, services and Technology.

November 16, 2018