MBS changes aim to increase video consults

A shift in the temporary telehealth items are forcing doctors to consider opting for more video, rather than telephone consults with their patients. For the full article please visit:https://medicalrepublic.com.au/mbs-changes-aim-to-increase-video-consults/46331

Telehealth advocates say clinics need certainty to invest in video

Proponents for digital transformation say remote consults could assist patients and doctors, but only if the right settings are in place. Telehealth advocates are calling for greater funding certainty for digital services and infrastructure that they say could improve healthcare across the country. Following the Federal Government’s commitment to extend Medicare-funded telehealth another six months to December, Telehealth […]

Government urged to continue MBS-funded telehealth services

On 16 June 2020, ResApp signed a two-year, non-exclusive commercial software licensing agreement with Phenix Health Pty Ltd, Australia based virtual super clinic, to use ResApp’s acute respiratory diagnostic test, ResAppDx-EU, in Phenix’s telehealth smartphone app. For the full article you can visit: https://kalkinemedia.com/au/covid-19/government-urged-to-continue-mbs-funded-telehealth-services-resmed-resapp-to-reap-the-benefits

ASX-listed Digital Healthcare Stock Amid COVID-19: A Look At RAP, HRD, TD1

ResApp Health Sign Software Licensing Agreement with Phenix Health On 16 June 2020, ResApp and Phenix Health signed a licensing deal for employing ResAppDx-EU in telehealth smartphone application of Phenix. This agreement is a non-exclusive commercial software licensing agreement for two years. With this deal, ResAppDx-EU can be applied in the telehealth smartphone applications by […]

ResApp to develop consumer respiratory app, to go live with Phenix app

ASX listed digital health company ResApp has signed a memorandum of understanding with health products manufacturer RB, formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser, to develop a smartphone app for consumers that uses ResApp’s cough-based algorithms to identify different respiratory conditions. For the full article please visit:

Scopo’s health powerplays: Clinical trials are back

Cough monitor Resapp (ASX:RAP) has done a deal with telehealth company Phenix Health, following a similar deal by Respiri (ASX:RSH) in April. The software licensing agreement for its ResAppDX-EU cough diagnostic test was first announced in March with a price of $5-10 per test. CEO Tony Keating is expecting first commercial revenues in the coming months through the agreements […]

Respiri grows wheezo market potential through agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Respiri’s agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia will build awareness and knowledge of its wheeze respiratory evaluation device and technology. Respiri has already secured telehealth partnerships with Phenix Health and Practice Innovators to grow use and awareness of the technology throughout Australia. For the full article please visit: https://smallcaps.com.au/respiri-wheezo-market-agreement-pharmacy-guild-of-australia/

Latest Resapp deal could turn 6 minutes into $6m plus a year.

The average GP consultation take about six minutes. That figure is very significant in the context of the two-year, non-exclusive commercial software licensing agreement Resapp Health [ASX:RAP] has just signed with Phenix Health Pty Ltd. Phenix Health Pty Ltd is an integrative medical tech company founded in 2015 as a spin-off from its Australia-wide after-hours […]

Evolution and Expansion of Telehealth in Australia – 1ST, RAP, ICR

In March, ResApp announced to have completed the initial integration of ResAppDx-EU into Coviu’s telehealth platform and that ResApp and Coviu had agreed upon a per test fee (range of $ 5-10 per test) for the use of ResAppDx-EU. Meanwhile, ResApp also executed Joint Development Agreement with Phenix Health for integration of ResAppDx-EU into Phenix’s Australian telehealth […]

Shareholders back Respiri in heavily oversubscribed share purchase plan

Wheezo asthma diagnostic and monitoring technology Respiri has developed its wheezo device and eHealth software as a service technology to support the management of respiratory health. Machine learning is employed to detect wheeze via the wheezo device and app. Wheeze is a typical asthma symptom and is common in other respiratory disorders. The technology is […]