Online Doctors That Write Prescriptions In Australia – Are they Free?

In Australia, there are currently over 20,000 doctors working in the healthcare industry. However, there are still a lot of people who cannot access medical help in case of an emergency, after hours or when their regular GP is not available. Online Doctors that write prescriptions in Australia is a relatively new healthcare service that […]

How to Find a Bulk Billing Doctor in Australia

Bulk billing is a system of medical service payment in which patients pay a set fee to see a doctor, as opposed to paying by the visit. The Australian Government introduced bulk billing in 1974 following an agreement between the Commonwealth and the States. Bulk billing is restricted to those who are eligible for Medicare […]

How to get a medical certificate online in Australia

Getting a medical certificate online is easier than ever now. Medical certificates are used to prove the authenticity of an individual to a doctor that they have been given certain treatment, such as getting a vaccine or having surgery. Australia has seen an increase in the demand for medical certificates due to increased travel and […]

Online Appointment Options for a Doctor in Australia

The introduction of online appointment options is a new idea that has been implemented in the Australian healthcare system. There are many benefits to these online appointment options, such as: Enhanced convenience by reducing the need for patients to travel and wait at clinics Improved patient experience by speeding up the doctor’s waiting time Through […]

The Definitive Guide to Telehealth in Sydney, Australia

Telehealth is being used in hospitals, allied health providets, and GP clinics across the globe. It is an effective means of delivering healthcare services to people in remote locations, where it would be difficult to find a doctor. Telehealth services use digital technologies to provide long-distance medical services and allow patients access to care even […]

What is a Telehealth Appointment?

Telehealth Appointments are healthcare appointments that happen remotely. There are different types of telehealth appointments, and they can be scheduled with or without a clinician. One of the highest rates of telehealth consultations in the world is in Australia. It is expected to rise by more than 50% over the next five years. Phenixhealth is […]

Telehealth: What is it and How Does it Work?

With the quality of health being something that is never to be compromised, the health industry has only kept on increasing with time. Amidst the spread of the Coronavirus, the world has now started valuing health even more. This is because the Coronavirus led to people being stuck in quarantine and didn’t allow them to […]

Respiri expands wheezo into telehealth market with Phenix partnership

Respiri’s wheezo respiratory health monitoring technology will be integrated within Phenix Health’s telehealth platform. The parties have inked a joint development agreement which will involve integrating Respiri’s wheezo eHealth software as a service asthma diagnostic and monitoring technology with Phenix’s telehealth platform. You can view the full article here: