, Online Doctors in Australia

The emergence of the global pandemic led to the increase in remote doctor prescriptions and appointments. It is accelerated by the fact that more people would stay at their homes during lockdowns and only leave whenever they have an essential that cannot be met through an electronic gadget. Besides, it meant that the increase in online doctors increased the online medical certificates as well as online prescriptions. However, due to cyber insecurity, there has been the emergence of quack doctors who would stain the medical field as they try to rob the patients. Online doctors involve consultations between the doctors and patients through technology-based means where the consultations, as well as prescriptions, use the form of technology, that involves, but is not limited to, telephones and the internet in place of the face-to-face meeting between the patient and the medical practitioner.

            There are guidelines for the registered doctors who opt to deal with the technology-based consultations of patients. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency has the responsibility to protect the Australian people through putting regulations on the Australian registered medical practitioners. The main aim of the organization is to protect the people and come up with policies and standards which registered medical practitioners should meet. Besides, the guidelines are developed by the Australian medical board where they govern the medical practitioner as well as the community on their expectations in the technology-based patients’ consultations.

            The online doctors should ensure the board’s guidelines as they virtually deal with the patient where the patient does not have to meet the doctor physically. Besides, the medical board expects the online doctors in Australia to follow the principles that are outlined in the ‘good medical practice’ whenever consulting a patient online. Moreover, the guidelines concern the medical doctors who are registered through the national law, medical practitioner’s employers, patients, and community.

            The standards of patient care that the online doctor should ensure that they portray good medical practices and follow the standards of ethics and professional conduct which they are expected of by their professional peers and the community. Good medical practice insists on the duty of an online doctor to make their patients their priority and practice safe medicine, as well as being trustworthy and ethical. Moreover, online doctors should contribute to the efficient and effective healthcare system especially at the time that online consultations are encouraged during the pandemic. Besides, the medical board expects the online doctors to follow the good medical practice in any circumstance that they consult with the patient through the gadgets.

            The online doctors who treat the patients virtually through the technology-based consultation of patients should therefore use the usual principles involved in getting the informed consent of the patient, protecting the privacy of the patient, and protecting their confidentiality rights. Moreover, they should make the right judgment on the appropriateness of online consultation and know whether it is appropriate for a direct physical evaluation. Also, the doctor should give an appropriate explanation to their patients on the particular process that is being undertaken through online consultations and assess the client’s condition based on the signs and symptoms that they complain about as well as the medical history. Online doctors therefore should follow the guidelines dictated by the Australian medical board to improve the healthcare system that involves technology-based consultations thus improving patient care and medical outcomes.