, Respiri Limited signs joint development agreement with Phenix Health, surges 50%

Phenix to provide pre-diagnosed patients

Phenix will we be responsible for providing patients already diagnosed with asthma the option of using wheezo to help monitor their condition, providing healthcare beyond the clinic setting.

Mr Marjan Mikel, managing director of Respiri said, “The joint development agreement with Phenix underscores our commitment to patients with asthma and related respiratory disease in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘’By increasing awareness and access through Phenix’s leading telehealth platform, innovative technology solutions such as wheezo will support more effective monitoring of a patient’s underlying condition to better empower patients and their treating physicians in the management of their condition during this critical period and beyond.”

Ms Gillian Alexis, Chief Executive of Phenix Health commented that the group was keen to pursue other initiatives with Respiri in saying, “This ground-breaking partnership represents an improvement in quality of life for the world’s 340 million asthma sufferers and will provide primary care providers as well as respiratory specialists with new key insights to help patients manage their asthma proactively.

‘’We look forward to evolving new longitudinal models of care with Respiri that are focused on measurable outcomes by complementing traditional brick and mortar services.”

You can find the complete article here: https://finfeed.com/small-caps/biotech/respiri-asx-rsh-signs-joint-development-agreement-with-phenix-health/