Care Connect

Maintaining your independence and improving your life-style.

Care Connect for Organisations

Concierge services for the Aged Care and Independent living seniors

Increase efficiencies
  • proactive care alerts
  • medication reminders
  • health information
  • actively involved into the care needs of the family
Increase overall budget efficiencies from family

Purchase third party products and services meals ordering, florist, physiotherapy and gifts etc

Telehealth and video interaction

Accessible from anywhere using a mobile/tablet device 

Better Health and Education
  • Medical coaching
  • Connected smart TV
  • Care plans
  • Health surveys
Care Companion
  • Nurse call
  • Management console
  • Appointment/day scheduler 
  • dementia care
Smart home
  • Medication dispenser, security and access control, fall detections, bed wet monitor, disability assist

Care Connect for Aged Care and Independent living seniors

Proactive care, via wearables and passive sensors

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Help when needed assisted living

Increase social interaction

Video calls, online multi-player games with video chat, interest groups, Facebook, scheduler