Chemist2U - Script concierge service

PhenixHealth has partnered with Chemist2U to allow prescription medicine and over the counter remedies to be delivered directly to your door. 

Chemist2U has a network of over 100 pharmacy partners who will dispense and deliver.

How does it work?

Upon booking your appointment you can request to have your prescription medication delivered. The PhenixHealth team will then organise the delivery on your behalf. Once your order has been submitted, you will receive an SMS to pay and complete the delivery.


*For same day delivery the cost is $4.95.

*For any postal orders (next day/s) the cost is $8.95.

*pending availability and location.

Try the new script concierge service today!

Call 1300 900 863 or use the Book a Consult button.

Booking Form

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This form is for patients wishing to make a new appointment with a GP. If you already have an active booking or any other type of enquiry please use the Message Us contact form on the home page or call 1300 900 863.
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