Compliance, Regulation & Training

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Compliance, Regulation & Training Platform
  • Voted 2016 Global Top Ten Learning Management Software Platform – for Recruitment, Onboarding, Talent management, Training Certification & CPD Management of Staff & Contractors
  • Risk Profiling, Succession Planning & Performance Management
  • Industry Certification & Assessment Management
  • Online course development
  • Integrate your training data to CRM, Payroll, HRIS with the PowerHouse API
  • Market and sell your training content using the eCommerce tools
  • Phenix Eye Smart glass technology enables the entire training session to be viewed live, in real-time by any trainee via a 1080p HD camera
  • High-quality training videos recorded on the smart glasses can be stored for future use in additional educational purposes
  • Large training groups may not be feasible, meaning that some individuals miss the opportunity for an up-close and personal training experience
  • Junior workers who are new to their field can receive live audio support from a more experienced worker, who can see everything the trainee can see through the smart glasses
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