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Double Chin

Stubborn fat under the chin can be difficult to address, even with a healthy diet and exercise. Fat cannot be spot-reduced, making it even harder to tone the face, chin and neck. 

Belkyra is a synthetic form of an enzyme, known as deoxycholic acid, which is naturally formed by the body to break down ingested fat. Fat dissolving injections are individually tailored and permanently break down and remove fat cells. 


How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require 2-3 treatments, with 4-6 weeks between each treatment. However, this depends on each individual. We offer free consultations on Belkyra with our doctors to gauge the best treatment options for you.

What does the treatment involve?

Fat-dissolving injections are a relatively comfortable 20-30 minute procedure, with most patients being able to return to work straight away. The patient can be administered a local anaesthetic to minimize any discomfort that may be felt during the procedure. 


Final results will be most visible up to 6 weeks after the treatment. Many people have achieved great results with our fat dissolving injections. Overall, the treatment is highly effective in contouring the jawline and promoting a youthful appearance.

Complimentary Belkyra Fat-Dissolving Injection Consultation

Our doctors and nurses provide consultations at no cost. This way, you can determine the best treatment option for you in collaboration with our qualified and experienced health professionals. Call 07 5631 8149 or book online now.

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