Required for Telehealth - Traditional Telehealth

Below you can find what has been required for traditional Telehealth consults


An obvious solution for telehealth, with an in-built camera and microphone and the ability to be portable.

Desktop PC

Without a laptop, most telehealth solutions require software installation on a PC.

Webcam - Picture

Many desktop PC’s would require a webcam to be installed. Unlike laptops majority of desktop PC’s do not come with a camera. 

Microphone - Audio

If using a desktop PC you would also be required to install a microphone in addition to a webcam (depending on your webcam). 

Speakers - Audio

Speakers are required in order to hear the doctor or patient.

Headset - Audio

Using a headset can be a simpler solution for audio. By having a headset you avoid the need to install both speakers and a microphone.

The Phenix Health solution

With PhenixHealth you only require a mobile phone or tablet to be able to conduct a telehealth consultation. All you have to do is download the APP.

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Mobile Phone