Medi-Billing Features

A full list of our Medi-Billing features.


Dashboard landing page indicating the logged in clinic

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Appointment Add

Permit the correct entry of patient information, validation of this data to prevent data input that is unacceptable by Medicare / DVA

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Medicare Compatibility

The system allows for Medicare compatibility

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DVA Compatibility

The system allows for Department of Veterans’ Affairs compatibility

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Patient Eligibility Check

The program contacts Medicare (or DVA depending) and checks the eligibility of the patient enrolment in the relevant scheme.


Compilation, transmission, processing report, payment report

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Payments may be checked here to ensure bank statements indicate deposited amounts

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Clinic Configuration

A clinic may be added or edited, this includes adding their LocationId and details of the Java KeyStore file containing the digital certificates issued by DHS

User Configuration

A user may be added or edited. Users may be assigned to one or more clinics

Data Files Update

The data that Medicare and DVA use containing prices for each service item, must be periodically updated. 

System Notifications

System messages can be transmitted to all users of the system in real time