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Phenix Health Offline Field Management is available to download for FREE today. Available on Android only use the below link to download:

Phenix Health Offline Field Management APP

Solution for allowing correct indentification, verification and efficiencies in various healthcare processes.


Only IOT (Fully Cloud) Mobile Offline Health Field Management Capability

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Data Collection

Gather data in the field when connectivity to internet is not available


Sync seamlessly when back at base without overlapping or creating duplication of data

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Rural/Remote application

Field Use by health professionals when in remote areas

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GPS offline mode

Uploads location information through GPS points when offline – important when in regional areas where the actual address or village is difficult to define.

embedded data
 Embedded data

Android Tablets fitted with embedded allows for the collection of data and patient at time of collection

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Unique Personal ID

Barcode reader which generates and unique personal ID which then on the road a heat printers can produce a laminated health card

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Time and Energy Saver

Provides efficiencies in time for loading demographic and baseline data

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Multiple logins

Multiple Health professionals can login on the same mobile tablet in the field whilst retaining the identity of the health care provider who undertook the consultation

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Device Sharing

Allows for sharing of expensive tech devices

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Solar Powered Ability

Mobile App can be charged simply by portable solar lightweight battery packs

Facial Recognition

Further development will be on Facial recognition and also uploading of compressed images when away from base