Our Vision

Phenix Health is an Australian founded and based company that has entrepreneurship pumping through its veins. We are forever seeking and sourcing opportunities in a drive to make the world we live in whether that be by assisting and empowering our fellow man, seeking efficiencies in the systems that we use in our daily life or making what we do matter to others. We believe in an inclusive business and social model and promote equality of gender, ethnicity and status. We employ and contract internationally and train and operate successfully in a virtual capacity.

We believe that all our team have an important role to play and promote a culture of pride and knowledge building.

Phenix Health has been at the heart of many and diverse projects and have acquired great knowledge and experience in the Health related field both operationally and socially.

Our vision is to offer collaborative solutions and workflows that enable our clients to better service their patients, residents and population.

We have an office in Australia, Singapore, India and working on developing relationships in China. Our directors have been involved in the health related industry from development of Hospitals and 24/7 operations to Population Health research and Business Strategizing for nearly half a century.

Our vision is assisting those implement innovative practices and technologies for scalable efficiency.

We are ready to take our expertise all around the world and improve the advancement and long-term viability of the world’s healthcare systems. We are the safe and expert pair of hands medical professionals need to handle their medical administration.