How Phenix Health Are Making Prescriptions More Accessible

March 31, 2023by Phenix Health

Are you looking for a more accessible way to get your prescription? Phenix Health can help.

You can use Phenix Health to request online prescriptions and consultations with doctors anywhere in Australia. It is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to get your medications.

How Phenix Health are Making Prescriptions More Accessible

Doctors and pharmacists across Australia have been working to make prescriptions more accessible to their patients by using telehealth services. This is a great way to ensure that people can access the services they need, whether they are in rural areas or have difficulty accessing a medical appointment.

One of these telehealth services is called Phenix Health. It allows customers to connect with a GP online and get an online prescription emailed to their preferred pharmacy after completing a short digital consultation.

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A telehealth appointment with your GP is more convenient than an in-person visit at a doctor’s clinic because you won’t have to travel to the doctor’s office, speak with receptionists and sit in a waiting room with other sick patients. The prescription you receive will be just as valid as a paper one that you’d get in-person at your local pharmacy.

However, the RACGP has warned that there is a risk of misdiagnosis. Moreover, these services have been under scrutiny because of their lack of compliance with regulations.

How do I get a script from Phenix Health?

The process involves a GP or other healthcare provider sending you a link to a unique QR code, or token, which you can scan at your local pharmacy (it’s not just for doctors). This allows them to access and dispense your prescription – if you are lucky, in person!

It’s also a good idea to tell your doctor you are using Phenix Health as soon as possible, as they can then assign your prescription to the right person – or people – to dispense it. The best part is, you will never have to see a paper prescription again!

How it works: Your doctor will send you via email or SMS a token or a QR code which is a link to your script. This token or QR code is securely linked to your medical records, and can only be unlocked by you or your pharmacist. The key is to be patient, and don’t forget the key accessed from your phone.

What are the benefits of Phenix Health?

In Australia, patients have become increasingly used to using telehealth services for routine health care and repeat prescriptions. GPs and other medical professionals use these telehealth services to communicate with their patients face-to-face or over the phone and send them digital health certificates that they can fax to hospitals or employers.

Several online platforms now offer immediate prescriptions for pain medication, steroid creams and anti-depressants by having patients fill out a short digital questionnaire. But the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and Pharmacy Guild of Australia are concerned these services heighten the risk to patients.