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What is vaping dependence?

Vaping, the act of using electronic devices to vaporize nicotine or other chemicals, is often considered an alternative to traditional cigarettes. While vaping eliminates some dangers of tobacco, it's not a risk-free solution. Vaping carries its own set of health risks and can lead to nicotine addiction and other health issues. Your goal should be complete cessation of nicotine use.

What are some of the risks of vaping?

While vaping is perceived as less harmful than smoking cigarettes, it still exposes users to harmful substances. Vaping can increase the risk of lung diseases and has adverse effects on mental health.

A quit vaping action plan

Set goals: Define your reasons for quitting and set achievable milestones.

Healthy substitutes: When cravings hit, chew sugar-free gum or engage in brief exercise.

Seek support: Lean on your support network and inform them of your quit plan.

Consult a professional: If you experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea or depression, consult with one of our online doctors immediately.

Helping a loved one quit vaping

Having a loved one who is addicted to vaping can be extremely stressful. But your support through their quitting journey can make all the difference. You can help by booking them a telehealth appointment, telling them about different resources and alternative solutions, and talking to them when they need a ear.

Unfortunately, vaping is extremely popular amongst young people, and educating them on the risks is important. Open dialogues about the dangers and benefits of quitting can steer them away from initiating or continuing this habit.

Additional Resources

  • Quitline: 13 7848 (13 QUIT)
  • Te Whatu Ora for New Zealand residents
  • Apps and Online Programs for quitting

Should you wish to discuss your condition further, Phenix Health’s trained doctors and nurse practitioners are online and available 24/7.

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FAQs on Vaping

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the withdrawal symptoms when quitting vaping?

Common withdrawal symptoms include irritability, anxiety, cravings, and difficulty concentrating, similar to quitting smoking.

What support is available for quitting vaping in Australia?

Australia offers resources such as Quitline, NoCigs, online programs, and support groups to assist those looking to quit vaping.

Is it too late to quit vaping if I've been doing it for a while?

It’s never too late to quit vaping. Even if you’ve vaped for a long time, you can still improve your health by quitting.

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