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At Phenix Health, we prioritise your need for fast diagnostic services. With our telehealth radiology and pathology services, you don’t have to compromise on quality or convenience.

Connect with our team of certified General Practitioners (GPs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) 24/7 for all your radiology and pathology needs.

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What is a specialist referral?

A specialist referral is a written request from a primary care practitioner, like a GP, for a patient to see a specialist, for further examination or treatment. These referrals are important for patients because it allows them to access certain specialised medical services and ensures that care is coordinated and appropriate for the patient’s needs.

What are radiology and pathology referrals?

Radiology and pathology referrals from Phenix Health allow you to receive recommendations for medical imaging and laboratory tests without the need for a physical doctor’s visit. Whether it’s an MRI, an X-ray, or a blood test, our telehealth service ensures you get the right referrals without the hassle or long waits.

Why choose Phenix Health for radiology and pathology referrals?

Recognising the significance of diagnostic tests, our telehealth team will assess your needs, recommend appropriate radiology and pathology tests, and ensure you understand the process. What’s more, by having test results sent directly back to them, they can swiftly interpret the findings, discuss them with you, and advise on the next steps in your healthcare journey.

How does it work?

For our telehealth radiology and pathology referral service, start by booking a consultation with one of our expert practitioners. During this virtual session, they’ll evaluate your medical needs and determine which tests, if any, are necessary. After the consultation, if a test is recommended, you’ll receive an online referral to your phone or email address. This digital referral can be presented at your chosen radiology or pathology center. What makes our service truly fantastic is that the results can be sent back directly to your Phenix Health practitioner. This ensures you get timely feedback, guidance, and recommendations for any necessary follow-up care.

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FAQs on Radiology and Pathology through Telehealth

Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between a radiology referral and a pathology referral?

A radiology referral suggests medical imaging like X-rays or MRIs, while a pathology referral is for laboratory tests like blood or tissue analysis.

How will I know which test I need a referral for?

Our expert practitioners will assess your condition and symptoms, recommending the most relevant tests.

Do I need to physically go somewhere after receiving the referral?

Yes. While you get the referral online, the actual diagnostic tests are conducted at specific centers or labs.

What types of radiology or pathology tests can I be referred to?

From X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs to blood counts, biopsies, and more—our practitioners are equipped to refer you to a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests based on your needs.

How soon can I get my results after the test?

The time can vary, but once results are available, you can discuss them with our practitioners via telehealth.

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