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How do I get a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

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Mental Health Treatment Plan(MHTP) and Mental Health Care Plan(MHCP) are often confused but are essentially the same thing. Do you require more information about what a MHTP is? Head to our Mental Health Care Plans & Mental Health Treatment Plans information page here.

Check out our simple guide below on how to get a MHTP with PhenixHealth.

MHTP step-by-step guide

Step 1.

Request a MHTP appointment.

Step 2.

Receive your MHTP and fill out initial details.

Step 3.

Our MHTP team will give you a call to confirm details and organise your first telehealth appointment with a nurse.

Step 4.

You’ll have a virtual consultation with one of our nurses who will go over your initial details.

Step 5.

We’ll schedule your next appointment with a GP, at a time that suits you.

Step 6.

You’ll have your second telehealth appointment with our GP, who will complete your MHTP.

Step 7.

You’ll automatically receive a copy of your MHTP.

Step 8.

We can send your completed MHTP to your preferred psychologist or to our preferred partner (with bulk-billing available!): Talked