Alexa May Soon Call for Telehealth Doctor Appointments

June 25, 2022by Phenix Health

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, may soon be able to make telehealth doctor appointments through Teladoc. To use this service, customers will create an Alexa voice ID. Then, when the time comes to connect with a Teladoc call center, patients will give permission to the virtual assistant.

Alexa For Telehealth Doctor

Amazon is not allowed to access or store the content of the ensuing call. This is an important development for patients with limited access to medical services.


Teladoc customers will have to create an Alexa voice ID

When the service launches, customers will be able to schedule video and audio visits through the service. However, before they can use the service, they will have to set up an Alexa voice ID and enter their contact information. Customers will be required to provide a credit card to purchase services.

However, customers will not be charged if they cancel a visit. It is important to note that Teladoc is not a substitute for a doctor.

While Amazon has recently launched direct-to-consumer telehealth through its Alexa voice ID, consumers should note that it is limited to US customers. Users will have to create an Alexa voice ID to get the service, which is currently available only to Amazon customers. It is also worth noting that the NHS has already integrated the service into its services.

While the service is not intended to replace a medical professional, it will provide patients with general health advice and information. Teladoc has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it plans to double its revenues by 2021. It recently completed a $18.5 billion merger with Livongo, a health monitoring tool.

Once they’ve completed the registration process, consumers will receive a call from a Teladoc physician. The doctor will ask for a few details, such as your health insurance, and will then schedule a visit.

The process is completely hands-free, and consumers can request a visit for a variety of conditions. The service will cost anywhere from $0 with insurance to $75 without insurance.

Patients will have to grant permission before connecting with a Teladoc call center

To use Teladoc, customers will have to create an Alexa ID and grant permission to connect with the service. After providing information about their medical history, health insurance and current conditions, a doctor will be assigned to call the customer and schedule the visit. Patients can expect to pay $75 for a visit with a board-certified physician.

According to Forrester Research, Teladoc’s move is not unexpected. The company says that it’s an industry trend after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teladoc is also partnering with Amazon to launch voice-activated virtual care. Echo devices, like the Echo Show and Echo Dot, have Alexa built in. Alexa can connect healthcare consumers with Teladoc providers by saying, “Alexa, I want to talk to a doctor.” Users will need to set up a voice ID and grant permission to the skill.

Amazon will not be able to access or store the content of the ensuing call

It’s unclear if Amazon will have access to the content of the ensuing call for the telehealth doctor. It’s unclear whether or not it will record it, either. According to Kate McCarthy, senior research director at Gartner, Amazon has a health-care segment in its cloud computing division.

But the company is reportedly working on new products and services in this space. Among other things, Amazon could monitor patient habits at home with its virtual assistant Alexa.

For example, Amazon’s Alexa can monitor the food that patients eat and drink, and provide recommendations based on that.