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Looking for quick, reliable, and affordable telehealth consultations? You've come to the right place! At Phenix Health, we offer telehealth consultations from just $19 for eligible Medicare card holders. No hidden costs, no complications, just quality healthcare!

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Our Pricing Structure

New Patients (Medicare Card Holders): Pay just $19.30 out-of-pocket after the $35.70 Medicare Rebate.

New Patients (Private - non-Medicare card holders): $55.00

Returning Patients: Consultation for just $12.30 after the $35.70 Medicare Rebate.

Repeat Prescription for Returning Patients: Only $12.15 after an $18.85 Medicare Rebate.

Services Available

At Phenix Health, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive telehealth service. These are the types of services available for your appointment:

  • Prescriptions: Whether you need a new prescription or a refill, our practitioners are here to help.
  • Referrals: Need to see a specialist? Get the necessary referrals without the need for a face-to-face visit.
  • Medical Certificates: If you’re unwell and need some time off work or school, we can provide the required medical certification.
  • Radiology Requests: If imaging tests like X-rays or MRIs are required, we can guide and refer you to the necessary services.
  • Pathology Requests: Need a blood test or other laboratory work? We’ll set you up with a pathology request.
  • Health Advice & Consultation: Discuss symptoms, get medical advice, or simply have a health check-up with a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Follow-ups: We don’t just leave it at one consultation. If required, our team will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your health and well-being.

How it works

Step 1 – Book Your Consultation: Click on the link below to secure your spot. We’re available 24/7 so you can pick a time that works for you! And remember to ensure you choose the right category based on whether you’re a new or returning patient.

Step 2 – Virtual Meeting: Have your telehealth consultation with one of our expert GPs or Nurse Practitioners.

Step 3: Rebates & Payment: For eligible Medicare card holders, enjoy significant rebates on your consultation. Payments are upfront but the rebates make the service exceptionally affordable.

Step 4: Comprehensive Care: Our practitioners can provide prescriptions, medical certificates, radiology, and pathology requests, all during your telehealth consultation.

Ready to book?

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For any queries or to manage existing bookings, please email:

Please Note: The $19 special rate applies to Medicare card holders due to the rebate provided. Our General Practitioners operate on private billing, while rebates are available for consultations with Nurse Practitioners.

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FAQs about Telehealth Consultations

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a telehealth consultation?

A telehealth consultation is a virtual medical appointment where you connect with a healthcare professional through video or voice call, allowing you to receive medical services without a physical visit.

Is the $19 fee available to everyone?

The $19 fee is available to eligible Medicare card holders. If you don’t hold a Medicare card, there are other pricing options available, as detailed above.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We offer telehealth consultations 24/7. Typically, you can get an appointment on the same day, but this might vary based on demand.

What services are available during the $19 telehealth consultation?

During your telehealth consultation, you can get prescriptions, referrals to specialists, medical certificates, radiology and pathology requests, health advice, and more.

How long is each consultation?

Consultation durations can vary, but generally, they last about 15-20 minutes. It can be shorter or longer based on your needs and the practitioner’s assessment.

Is my information safe and confidential during the telehealth consultation?

Absolutely! At Phenix Health, we prioritise patient confidentiality. All consultations are conducted through secure platforms compliant with privacy regulations.

Can I consult with both a GP and a Nurse Practitioner?

Yes, you can choose to have a consultation with either a GP or a Nurse Practitioner. Both are qualified to provide you with prescriptions, referrals, and other services.

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Depending on the nature of your problem telehealth can be an ideal choice for addressing your concerns and making positive changes in your life.

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