Can I Get an Urgent Prescription From an Online Doctor?

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
urgent prescription

I am traveling and forgot my medication. Can I get an urgent prescription from an online Dr?

Most doctors will be able to offer a prescription over the phone or online. This is an easy way to get a quick prescription when you need it the most. This is especially beneficial if you need to take your medication with you when traveling abroad or if you have run out of your regular medications and can’t make an appointment with your doctor before the pharmacy closes.

While an online doctor is not as familiar with your medical history as your regular doctor you may find that the online Dr will only prescribe doses that are safe and effective for your condition. Additionally, most online doctors will not prescribe any long-term medications over the phone, in order to help prevent drug abuse or misuse. This particularly applies to opioids and S8 drugs.

Urgent requests for repeat prescriptions emerged as a problem in general practice, and some clinics struggled to balance these with the rest of the appointment schedule. Some offered advance appointments, left prescriptions to be collected at reception or ran a ‘script clinic’ but these initiatives failed to address the need for better support for patients with repeat prescription needs.

Most urgent care or on demand telehealth clinics are able to provide prescriptions for short-term pain medications, but in limited quantities to allow you to get through the night or until you can see your regular gp.