What to Expect In a Telehealth Online Appointment

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
telehealth online appointment

Telehealth online appointment:

I am new to telehealth online appointments. Can you tell me what to expect?

Telehealth online visits are a convenient way to meet with your doctor for common health concerns like sore throats, the flu, earaches and allergies. Some conditions that require more extensive diagnostic tests or follow up care are best seen in person, but telehealth is an excellent option for many patients.

For a telehealth appointment, you will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with reliable internet access. The doctor will use a secure video call to connect with you. You will be asked to complete a pre screening questionnaire and some Medicare information. Phenix Health offers on-demand consultations, which allow you to speak to a doctor right away without waiting days.

Once you have an appointment, find a quiet and private place for the visit where you can sit for 30 minutes or more. Make sure to charge or plug in your device and have a pen and paper ready for notes. If you have children or pets, try to schedule your appointment when they are out of the house. Consider using headphones if possible to help you hear and communicate better.

Be prepared to answer questions about your symptoms and any medications you take. Ask the doctor to schedule any needed follow up care, such as a future in-person appointment or lab or imaging test. You may receive an e-script following your consultation. This will be sent to you via SMS and to your email address afterward. Be sure to give your provider feedback so they can work toward more health equity in telehealth. We learn from you.