How Quickly Can You Receive an Online Script Doctor?

May 10, 2023by Phenix Health
online script doctor

Online Script Doctor: During a virtual appointment, an online doctor can assess your situation and determine if prescription medication is necessary. If it is, the online GP will write a digital prescription that can be sent directly to a pharmacy of your choice (many telehealth platforms partner with an online pharmacy). This ensures your prescription is filled as quickly as possible and that the medications you receive are safe, effective, and the same as if you were visiting a physical clinic.

How quickly can you receive an online script doctor?

Once the GP you speak with via Phenix Health writes your online prescription, it will be instantly available for you at your preferred pharmacy in Australia. These include Evermed, which is a highly-rated pharmacy service that can deliver your medications to your door or provide you with a free pick up option. The online GP can also prescribe most types of medication, from antibiotics and anxiety medication to eye drops and medicated creams.

Another popular service that can provide you with an online prescription is ClinicALL, which can help you refill your existing prescriptions and can also order any medication that is not already prescribed to you. This telehealth company allows you to have an online consultation with a GP, who will review your medical history and your symptoms, and prescribe the appropriate medicine for you. This was a great option during the COVID-19 pandemic, when you might not want to risk going to a busy, overcrowded clinic.