How Do You Order a Prescription Online?

May 10, 2023by Phenix Health
order a prescription online

There are a number of ways to order prescription medication online in Australia. You can use your pharmacy app, check in with your doctor over the phone or visit an online telehealth site. Online telehealth clinics have registered AHPRA doctors and nurse practitioners and offer convenience, privacy, cost savings and a range of safeguards.  Your doctor can also send you an electronic prescription, or e-script, which you can then show to your pharmacist at the time of your purchase. The e-script is a digital version of your prescription and shows up on your phone as a barcode or QR code that you can show the pharmacist.

Some Medicare item numbers through MBS are available to cover a telehealth consultation and prescription delivery at no extra charge during the pandemic. Be sure to check with the provider for their billing policy so you understand exactly what is covered.