Can I Get a Pharmacy Scripts Online?

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
pharmacy scripts online

Pharmacy Script Online: If you have a pharmacy prescription, you can take it to your local pharmacy or use our home delivery service. All you need is a smartphone or tablet (with internet access) and your pharmacy’s eScripts app or online service.

When you receive an eScript, your doctor will send it to you via text or email with a QR code, also known as a token. You can then show this to your pharmacist who will scan it to retrieve your script details and dispense the medication. The message also lets you know if your script is ready to be picked up, or you can forward it to your carer or family member who normally collects your medicines from the pharmacy.

Australian health professionals can only prescribe and dispense medicines that are registered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, or are included in the Repatriation PBS, or under state and territory law. This includes GPs and other health practitioners.

Can I get a pharmacy script online?

Yes, most pharmacies offer an electronic alternative to a paper prescription. The electronic version is called an eScript and it’s a safe, secure, easy way to get your medicine. It’s especially convenient if you’re travelling overseas, as your eScript can be scanned and interpreted at any participating pharmacy in Australia.

This is an important new change to help address the pressure on our GP system, where some patients are waiting days or even weeks for a consultation. It’s also an opportunity for pharmacists to demonstrate that they can provide a valuable healthcare service, in addition to their traditional clinical skills.


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