Telehealth After Hours – Can I Have My Child Seen By A Telehealth Doctor After Hours?

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
telehealth after hours

Q: My child is sick and I can’t get to their regular GP clinic. Can we do a virtual consultation?

A: Virtual consultation, also known as telehealth or online consultation, allows a patient to talk with their doctor over the phone or video — even while they’re on-the-go. They can help relieve symptoms and help you decide how to proceed, avoiding unnecessary trips to the emergency room (ED) or urgent care.

These services can be provided by their regular GP clinic or an After hours Telehealth provider like Phenix Health with nurses, and other providers. The technology used is secure and the conversation is private just like in-person visits. The telehealth service can be done from any device with a camera and internet connection, whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sometimes it is simply a matter of being reassured by a doctor or nurse practitioner when you are unsure of the symptoms of your child. It can be more convenient than the option of taking all your children to an emergency department to wait long hours in the waiting room. If not an emergency make that call to Phenix Health.