Should You Talk to a Doctor Right Now?

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
talk to a doctor right now

Talk to a doctor right now: If you are in pain, should you talk to a doctor right now or go to the emergency department? It’s a dilemma that many people have. While the obvious answers—like a chest pain or severe bleeding—are always appropriate reasons to visit an emergency department, other symptoms and incidents can be more ambiguous.

One of the most important things to do when you are in a medical situation is to find a GP that you feel comfortable talking to. This person gets to know you and your normal health, and can help guide you in medical decisions that are in line with your values, daily activities, and lifestyle.

When you are visiting your doctor, be prepared with questions or concerns, and take notes so that you can remember them. Bring a family member to your appointment to serve as an extra set of ears, and be sure to ask for clarification on anything that is confusing. It can also be helpful to talk about costs and alternatives, as this will allow you to actively participate in your own healthcare and make choices that work best for your lifestyle.

While it can be scary to be in a position where you need to talk to a doctor, remember that doctors are there to help us, and they want to get to know you, so that they can better assess what your needs and health are, and how to best treat them. This is a great time to find a doctor that you trust, and learn how to communicate well with them to maximize your visit.

If you do not have a regular GP please call Phenix Health doctors and Nurse Practitioners to get immediate advice.