Can I Speak to a GP Now?

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
speak to a gp now

Speak to a GP now: If you’re in need of medical help but aren’t sure how soon you can see your doctor, ask them. GPs will probably be aware of the difficulty of some patients to get into a clinic as waiting times and availability for face-to-face appointments, so don’t hesitate to tell them you’re interested in the telehealth option, which could mean less time in queues.

Make a list of qualities that matter to you when choosing your GP, such as whether they’re female or male, work evenings, are affiliated with your preferred hospital or medical center, or speak your language. Once you’ve done this, think about how these qualities might change depending on the health issue you’re discussing with your GP.

Many doctors already offer telehealth services to cut waiting times during busy periods. Many patients have reported that they are much more able to get an appointment for this method of consultation, and many say the quality of care is just as good as in traditional face-to-face visits.

During the call, you’ll be asked about your symptoms and how they have been affecting you. Be honest and try to explain as clearly as possible so that your GP can give you the best advice. Remember that everything you discuss with your GP is confidential unless they suspect you’re at risk of harming yourself or others, in which case they may have to share your information. If they do this, they’ll talk to you about it first and may contact the police in extreme cases.

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