How to Get a Sick Leave Certificate Online

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
sick leave certificate online

Sick leave certificate online: Sick leave certificate is a medical document issued by a doctor that proves the patient is unwell and can’t attend work. It is a common requirement from most workplaces as part of an employee’s sick leave entitlement.

An employer may have concerns about an employee’s sickness and whether the medical certificate is authentic – especially if it looks suspicious, has been photocopied or if there is reasonable suspicion that the worker is not actually sick. In these circumstances, the employer is within their rights to contact the worker to confirm that the certificate is genuine.

If the employee is a contractor, then the contract will set out the requirements for when they must supply a sick certificate for work. For example, the contract might require that they provide a medical certificate for work after they have been sick for two consecutive days.

The National Employment Standards require employers to allow their employees a certain amount of time off work each year, which is commonly known as sick leave. Certain employers also requires that employees inform their employer as soon as possible of when they intend to take sick leave so that the employer can plan and coordinate the rest of the employee’s workload.

Stating that “where an employee has been unable to work because of illness, injury or unforeseen personal circumstance, their employer can require them to produce a medical certificate.” However, it’s important to note that an employer may only request a sick certificate where they have a reasonable suspicion that the employee is not fit for work or that they are making up for their absence.