What Do I Need to Tell My Doctor to Request a Script Online?

May 10, 2023by Gillian Alexis
request a script online

Request a script online: When you need a new prescription or refill on your current medication, it’s no longer necessary to spend hours trying to sync your schedule with a doctor’s office, coordinate childcare or leave work, get to the clinic, wait in the waiting room and then sit back while they call your name for a five-minute appointment. With telehealth, you can book a quick virtual visit with an online doctor and have your prescription sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice in minutes.

What do I need to tell my doctor to get a script online, do they need my medical history?

In most cases, doctors will need a detailed medical history to prescribe medications for you. This information usually exists in your patient documents, or you can sign a release form with your current provider to allow them to forward this info to your new online doctor.

In some patients cases a doctor may wish to see a person first before being able to request medication online. However, many telehealth providers have clinical staff like nurse practitioners who can help with a prescription without you needing to see a doctor in person.

Many people have allergies, which can range from mild rashes and itchy eyes to hives and breathing issues. Luckily, online doctors can quickly and easily write prescriptions for allergy treatments such as antihistamines and decongestants that can be picked up at your nearest pharmacy.